Your Photograph

HeliPAD contains the ability to upload a photo of yourself and link it to your account. The photo is then displayed in place of the HeliPAD logo against your details in any of the lodges you are a member of.

What is the Photo For?

The photo is displayed on your details page, but more importantly a small version is displayed on each of the lodges of which you are a member. This helps visitors recognise you when visiting your lodge(s).

What sort of Photo?

The purpose of the photo is so that others can recognise you so the photo should ideally be a head shot and be only of you. The upload facility allows you to upload an image, crop it, resize it and rotate it (some mobiles/camera rotate images to how they think they should view and don’t always get it right). We would be grateful to those who select appropriate and clear images to assist the objectives of the photo.

How to Upload your Photo

You will need a HeliPAD account and must be logged in.

On the main menu click “My Details” and then select “Change Password/Photo”

Scroll down to the photo, it will either show a blank image, or the photo you current have uploaded and want to change. (You do not need to enter your password unless you intend to change it).

Click on the “Select” button below the photo

This will open a file selection box to enable you to choose the photo to upload

Depending on the type of computer you are using you will be able to drag/drop an image or select it by filename.

Once the image is uploaded you can Zoom (use the scroll wheel on your mouse) and drag it into position, alternatively there are button on a toolbar above the photo to allow you to move it around and resize it.

If you image appears to be rotated, use the toolbar buttons to get it the right way up.

The lighter area in the upload window is a view of how the image will display.

Click the Green Insert Button in the bottom right to close the window

You must now click the SUBMIT button at the bottom of the page for any changes to take effect.